• creation

    Somewhere between wide-eyed passion and downright obsession, there is HackMart’s creative team. While we grew out of a profound, occasionally worrisome obsession with music, we’ve learned to channel our passions in new directions for a variety of clients. Whether we’re devising an entire brand strategy or cooking up a single ad to express it, we live for the inside joke, knowing reference, or elegant solution that lets the most persnickety pocket of your fan base know that you’re paying just as much attention as they are. see our art

  • creationmusic packaging

    HackMart grew out of a profound, occasionally worrisome obsession with music. As you’d expect, we channel that passion directly into the albums we design. We start with the music, the musician, the fan; then the creation begins. Whether it’s an up-and-coming artist or one of the legends that inspired us in the first place, our goal is clear: create an experience that connects fans to the very soul of the music itself.

  • creationbranding & marketing

    Whether we’re marketing a single product or an international brand, our approach remains the same. Unearth the essence and project that truth using every means at our disposal. We’re happy to offer our opinions in the form of consultation or take our ideas all the way through to execution with the help of our team of writers, designers, curators and project managers.