• Curation

    HackMart’s curatorial philosophy breaks down to a simple equation: If humans create the content on the web and humans consume that content, then it only makes sense that humans curate that content too. We use algorithms as tools rather than solutions. We balance crowd-sourced opinion with hard-earned expertise. And, in the end, we offer a unique method for connecting what humans create to what humans want to consume.

  • CurationContent Curation

    Music, movies, videos, books and apps . . . the entire, overwhelming history of pop culture is online just begging to be organized into something manageable and marketable. We’ve ordered entire eras, careers, and genres in ways that drive discovery, grant authority, increase sales and build loyalty.

  • CurationSocial Marketing

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube aren’t just more outlets for the same old marketing messages. They’re your chance to actually let people in, have a conversation and turn fans into evangelists. Merging our marketing, curatorial and copywriting chops, we can help you spread the gospel.