• About Us

    It was 2003. The world lost Johnny and June, the star of Kindergarten Cop was elected governor of California, and the record industry was busy suing 12-year-olds while Time Magazine hailed the iTunes Music Store as “The Invention Of The Year.” It turned out to be exactly the right time to launch HackMart, a boutique creative shop built to help pop culture peddlers navigate those stormy times in style. Our combination of unbridled passion and turn-key convenience connected us with companies and artists a shop our size had no right doing business with: The Rolling Stones. Tower Records. Apple. Our roots remain in music, but we’ve grown to stand for so much more, learning new skills while holding on to our core values celebrating the humanity that is the basis for everything we do. Today, we hand-curate content for the companies shaping our world, integrate social media with our skills in traditional marketing and create unique digital experiences while still creating drool-worthy physical goods. Our shop has grown, our staff has grown, our abilities have grown. But our way of getting things done remains exactly the same:
    Hand made, hand picked and hands-on.